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The most recent figures show that there are men for every women. This gender gap, the high cost of dowries yet low incomes of men in rural China mean bachelors are increasingly looking for a more economical bride in other South East Asian countries like Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. But while some women are eager for the chance to explore abroad, some are being sold into marriage by human traffickers. We travelled to Vietnam – a developing, Communist country changing rapidly. He brings men from China, who pay a fee, to be introduced to women in Vietnam. This is illegal. Zhen Yu Liu is part of an organised group working with brokers in Vietnam who find women willing to marry a foreigner and then they put them together. The communities targeted are often poor, rural and relatively remote. We observed the matchmaking process. It involved three year-old women put forward by their former teacher, Chen Wen Chun.

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Photo: CFP. Go to Vietnam and find yourself a bride! The online activity was launched on November 6, five days before Singles‘ Day, which falls on November 11 every year symbolized by its date, On this day, young Chinese mockingly celebrate their single status. The offer to “group buy” a Vietnamese bride struck a chord with single men in China, as the cost of marrying a Chinese woman continues to grow and bachelors lament their dwindling chances to find a mate.

Nearly 30, people had participated in the lottery by the time it ended on Wednesday. Central government departments also took note, but for other reasons entirely. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Public Security both issued warnings about the risks of finding Vietnamese wives through matchmakers, which is the most common method for Chinese men to find a Vietnamese bride.

The risks go both ways. Buyers may end up swindled out of money or with an unwilling wife, and the women involved in these schemes risk being swallowed by people-smuggling and prostitution rackets. These illegal matchmaking services have long existed in China and a lack of action from authorities against agents has resulted in the expansion of the industry, which now ranges from relatively above board, all the way to the bowels of organized crime.

High cost of marriage A representative surnamed Xu from 55yuan. The move was obviously a clever publicity stunt, but it did demonstrate that there is a strong market in China for marriages with Vietnamese women, and that despite warnings from international anti-trafficking agencies that high demand from China creates a market for people-smuggling, there isn’t a stigma attached. The lottery described Vietnamese women as “virtuous” and “traditional” and said they were not as materialistic as their Chinese counterparts.

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Core country: data based on in-depth analysis. Reading Support The Matchmaking segment is expected to show a revenue growth of Reading Support In the Matchmaking segment, the number of users is expected to amount to 0. Reading Support User penetration in the Matchmaking segment will be at 0. Matchmaking has become a big business since the early days of online dating.

As these services build on some high complexity algorithms and personality tests, they remain quite expensive and therefore still generate the most revenues in the market.

Vietnam: Revenue in the Matchmaking segment is projected to reach US$13m in The Matchmaking segment contains online services for the systematic.

Wei Li does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. China has 24 million more men than women of marriageable age , putting some bachelors in a tough spot. In rural areas of China, three decades of sex-selective abortions under the one-child policy , which ended in , have created a severe shortage of women.

Divorced men across China may find themselves involuntary bachelors for a different reason: They cannot afford another wedding. And, like women worldwide, Chinese woman are also getting married later. As a result, ever more Chinese men are looking abroad to find partners. And most , it seems, have their sights set on Vietnam. The number of international marriages in China is difficult to confirm since some foreign brides are smuggled into the country and therefore not registered with the authorities.

But estimates from Xinhua News Agency indicate that there are over , Vietnamese women in China who are married to Chinese men. That far outpaces the number of foreign women from other countries who are married to Chinese men. An estimated 7, brides in China come from Cambodia, for example. My research shows that Vietnamese women usually get to know their Chinese husbands in one of four ways.

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Chinese men who are looking abroad for wives are turning increasingly to poor regions of Indonesia, where young women have become prey for scheming matchmakers promising a good life abroad. But the reality is often very different. Monika, a woman from Pontianak in West Kalimantan, is one of the few who have managed to return safely to Indonesia after escaping a bad marriage that she said included domestic violence and unpaid labour for her Chinese husband.

Her story began in September last year when she met two Chinese men looking for prospective brides in Indonesia through matchmakers in Pontianak and Singkawang.

Single Chinese men are known as ‘bare branches’, a pejorative term in a bachelors spend thousands with Mekong bride matchmakers to save face an affordable and fast solution to bachelordom – a Vietnamese bride.

The home page of the online matchmaker, LoveHome. The company said, “Vietnamese women are a blessing to the Chinese unmarried men. Marriage arrangements linking Vietnamese women and Chinese men. Source: sbskr. Teller Report. Marriage arrangements linking Vietnamese women and Chinese men The marriage of Chinese men and Vietnamese women has been booming in recent years, according to AFP.

The website of Zhongyuelove. Another online matchmaker site advertises, “If you are always ignored and rejected, come to Vietnam and experience a different matchmaking experience. Chinese men who are unable to find a marriage partner due to the inequality between male and female sex that a child policy implements are the main customers. Indeed, while one child’s policy was maintained, births increased in China due to the preference of boys and the development of fetal gender identification techniques.

As a result, the number of men among the 1. That’s why industry experts say tens of thousands of women from Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia marry Chinese every year. Chinese men who are over the age of marriage due to unequal gender ratio can pay their dowry and airfare to the Vietnamese bride in addition to the commission paid to the charity.

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I have been delving for the past few days into the definitions of ‘human trafficking. Human trafficking is the least known of transnational crimes, but is highly pervasive and hugely profitable. Formal apologies and promises to “strictly handle” the case afterward seemed to be among the media tactics to assuage the public outrage. The harsh realities of domestic violence in Vietnamese – South Korean marriages are not reflected solely by the acts of a violent husband caught, unfortunately for him, red-handed.

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But his happiness, he told The Beijing News , was short-lived: His bride-to-be vanished just two months after they were introduced, along with dozens of other Vietnamese women in the area. In that cluster of villages in the Hebei Province city of Handan, about miles southwest of Beijing, the police have set up a task force to investigate reports of marriage fraud, the official English-language newspaper China Daily reported. Since January, a Vietnamese woman who had lived in the area for more than 20 years had helped introduce other Vietnamese women to local men, collecting thousands of dollars in matchmaking fees.

By late November, however, more than of the women had vanished, China Daily reported.

He’s Chinese and married to his second wife – a Vietnamese woman. After his experience he began to see “matchmaking” as a way to make.

ISLAMABAD – Pakistani media are reporting that Chinese human traffickers are operating illegal matchmaking centers in Pakistan, where they allegedly trap women from economically burdened families in fake marriages before transporting them and forcing them into prostitution or even selling their organs in China. The revelation prompted the Chinese Embassy in Islamabad to respond Saturday, saying the businesses are strictly prohibited under Chinese law and vowing to crackdown in cooperation with Pakistani authorities on the illegal practice of profiting through cross-border matchmaking.

The number of Chinese visiting neighboring Pakistan has dramatically increased since the launch of the bilateral multibillion-dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor CPEC five years ago. News reports about phony marriages between Chinese men and Pakistani women regularly appear in local media, prompting lawmakers to debate the issue and demand that officials look into the unlawful practice.

The Chinese Embassy’s reaction apparently came a day after a top private Pakistani television station aired images Friday of several Chinese men with six local women in different rooms, including two teenage girls, at an illegal matchmaking center in the eastern city of Lahore. The ARY News channel crew showed up unannounced at the facility along with local police and interviewed the foreigners, their local facilitators and the alleged Pakistani wives of the Chinese men.

When asked, the station said, members of the alleged gang of Chinese human traffickers failed to produce local marriage certificates or documents showing the men had converted to Islam before marrying Pakistani Muslim women, which is mandatory under local laws. The local facilitators told the TV channel they would lure families into an agreement by saying their would-be Chinese son-in-law was seeking Pakistani citizenship so he could invest in the country as part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project.

We hope that the public does not believe in misleading information and works together to safeguard China-Pakistan friendship,’ the Chinese Embassy said in its statement. It noted that both countries are firmly opposed to human trafficking and sales of human organs and rejected as ‘misleading and groundless’ reports about sales of human organs in China.

While briefing Pakistani lawmakers at one of the recent meetings, senior government officials reportedly said Islamabad was in close contact with Beijing about fake marriages and action was being taken to counter the practice. A spokesman for the Interior Ministry, Tariq Sardar, was quoted as telling the meeting that ‘some private marriage bureaus were involved in these marriages’ and ‘most of the complaints were being received from Lahore as well as the Pakistani city of Abbottabad.

Pakistan and China are extremely sensitive to any critical reporting on their relationship. Beijing and China defend the CPEC as a highly productive initiative, saying it has created tens of thousands of local jobs and resolved a decade-long crippling power crisis in Pakistan.

For China’s Single Men, Vietnamese Brides Are Just A Click Away

Marriage to a Vietnamese bride is just a click — and a few thousand dollars — away on a blizzard of Chinese websites promising to solve the “single problems” of China’s men. A decades-long one-child policy has created a yawning demographic disparity in China, with tens of millions more men than women. Sites like Zhongyuelove. The fee does not cover wedding gifts to the bride’s family or transportation fees for the bride and groom.

For those concerned by the possibility of failed marriages and the shady brokering system that attracts conmen on both sides of the border, Zhongyuelove has an ‘FAQ’ section. It offers reassurance on the visa process for a foreign bride and warns would-be grooms to be up front about their income, living situation and any disabilities.

Thousands of Vietnamese girls have been trafficked into China and and Chinese grooms are forced ones, claimed matchmaker Lim, who.

Vietnam’s mail-order bride business is booming, fueled by surging demand from Chinese men who have given up hope of finding a compatriot wife and are lured by the prospect of a bargain bride bought in a group purchase. Though international marriage agencies are officially illegal, loopholes in China have allowed the industry to flourish and prompted calls from experts to regulate such businesses so they can be more closely supervised.

Heading south for love The agency, ynxn It organizes group tours to Vietnam for single Chinese men and arranges dates for them with Vietnamese women selected from a catalogue as a possible mate for marriage. The cost of the tour includes travel expenses, translation services, gifts for the women’s families and the wedding ceremony. If dates fail or men are unsatisfied with the women they have chosen, the agency charges clients just 2, yuan for the tour.

They also assume responsibility for finding clients a new bride if the first one flees after the wedding, according to a report by Kunming-based newspaper the Spring City Evening News. The legal status of mail-order brides has been questioned in China since “group buying” of Vietnamese brides took off several years ago. According to a State Council notification on international marriages in , Chinese marriage agencies are not allowed to source spouses from other countries and individuals cannot engage in international matchmaking for profit.

Agencies found to have breached these regulations can be shut down by the police, civil affairs authorities and industry and commerce administrators; however, there is no concrete punishment stipulated by law. Algal bloom kills millions of abalone in E China. China’s Shaoxing Briton accused of indecency deported Experts doubt local quakes’ aftershock from Tangshan ’76 China to top online retail in official.

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